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behind the style

 Kristen Colemon - known as K.C to many, is a commercial hair, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist. She is a true artist, visionary, and fashion guru! K.C is often inspired by her environment, cultures, colors, and architecture. 

Taking on the love for fashion and beauty at such a young age has driven K.C to share her passion with others. She has created a one-of-a-kind business, where she can help you fall in love with YOUR body, by showing you how to dress it properly. K.C's love for vintage fashion, and personal shopping has turned into her main focus. Shopping for her clients, and showing them how to be more sustainable with their fashion is truly her niche. Curating different looks on the fly has always been a God given gift of K.C; blessed to work on commercial sets doing hair, makeup, and wardrobe has been another way for her to express her creativity.


K.C's pallet for all genres of style allows her to create

unique, individual looks crafted for each client while

maintaining the K.C signature. Bold colors, prints,

textures, and innovative thinking always keeps K.C's style

cutting edge above the rest. "I want people to feel how I

feel when I get dressed! Which is on FIRE to be me!" Her

electrifying personality makes people want to feel, and


look their best! 

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